„ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation“ Project

The project is funded by the Horizon2020 Program. It started on 1 February 2016 and shall continue 30 months. Bulgarian partner of the project is SEDA.
The project relies on two complementary Iinternet databases, that are regularly updated by the network of national teams (once to twice a year):
      -    ODYSSEE, managed by Enerdata, that contains detailed energy efficiency and CO2-indicators with data on energy consumption, their drivers (activity indicators) and their related CO2-emissions.
      -   MURE, managed by ISINNOVA, that contains a description, with their impact evaluation whenever available, of all energy efficiency measures implemented at EU or national level.
Project objectives:
The general objective of the project is to provide a comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption and efficiency trends as well as an evaluation of energy efficiency policy measures by sector for EU countries and Norway.
      -    Evaluate and compare energy efficiency progress by sector, and relate this progress to the observed trends in energy consumption.
      -   Contribute to the evaluation of national energy efficiency policy measures and analyse the dynamics of implementation over the NEAAPs.
To provide results in an interactive and attractive way to decision makers and actors involved in energy efficiency, the project will develop specific data facilities. The originality of the project is to cover all sectors and end-uses with a homogeneous and harmonised approach and to provide an overall picture of the trends and measures by sector.
A network of 33 partners from 28 countries participate to the ODYSSEE MURE project, usually national Efficiency Agencies or their representatives within the European network of energy efficiency agencies.

Web: https://www.odyssee-mure.eu/

 Odyssee Data Base

Energy Efficiency Indicators

 Mure Data Base

Energy efficiency policies and measures database