“ODYSSEE-MURE, Monitoring EU Energy Efficiency First Principle and Policy Implementation” 2019-2021

The project is funded by the Horizon2020 Program and its duration is 30 months, starting June 2019. ODYSSEE MURE 2019-2021 main objectives are:
→ Provide well updated information on energy efficiency indicators through the ODYSSEE database and its indicator tools
→ Redesign and update the MURE database on policy measures and its policy tools
→ Include the influence of societal trends which may enhance or reduce energy consumption (such as rebound effects, shared economy, digital economy)
→ Provide innovative training and didactical documents to raise the capacity of national, regional and local administrations in the field of energy efficiency monitoring and impact evaluation
→ Provide support to MS in developing indicators of the EE1FP
→ Extend the evaluation of the impact of energy efficiency to all their multiple benefits
→ Support governments with information on specific energy efficiency policies to combat energy poverty

The current project has new general topic: “Supporting public authorities to implement the Energy Union/Supporting the delivery of EED” and new topical issues: Energy efficiency first fuel, fuel poverty, sufficiency, more updated indicators, continuation of Multiple Benefits.

A network of 36 partners from 31 countries participate to the ODYSSEE MURE project (New funded partners: Serbia and Switzerland, ECEEE), usually national Efficiency Agencies or their representatives within the European network of energy efficiency agencies (EnR).
SEDA is the project partner from Bulgaria.

Web: https://www.odyssee-mure.eu/
Odyssee Database: https://www.indicators.odyssee-mure.eu/
MURE Database: https://www.measures-odyssee-mure.eu/