“Odyssee-MURE – Monitoring the Energy Efficiency Pillar for Climate Neutrality”

“Odyssee-MURE – Monitoring the Energy Efficiency Pillar for Climate Neutrality”

The project is funded by the LIFE Programme (Topic LIFE-2021-CET-POLICY: Towards an effective implementation of key legislation in the field of sustainable energy). ODYSSEE MURE objectives are:

  • Provide well updated information on energy efficiency indicators through the ODYSSEE database and its indicator tools
  • Redesign and update the MURE database on policy measures and its policy tools
  • Include the influence of societal trends which may enhance or reduce energy consumption (such as rebound effects, shared economy, digital economy)
  • Provide innovative training and didactical documents to raise the capacity of national, regional and local administrations in the field of energy efficiency monitoring and impact evaluation
  • Provide support to MS in developing indicators of the EE1FP
  • Extend the evaluation of the impact of energy efficiency to all their multiple benefits
  • Support governments with information on specific energy efficiency policies to combat energy poverty

The current project has new general topic: “Supporting public authorities to implement the Energy Union/Supporting the delivery of EED” and new topical issues: Energy efficiency first fuel, fuel poverty,

sufficiency, more updated indicators, continuation of Multiple Benefits.

A network of 34 partners from 28 countries participate to the ODYSSEE MURE project usually national energy agencies or their representatives within the European network of energy efficiency agencies (EnR).

SEDA is the project partner from Bulgaria.

Web: https://www.odyssee-mure.eu/

Odyssee Database: https://www.indicators.odyssee-mure.eu/

MURE Database: https://www.measures-odyssee-mure.eu/