ENSMOV - Enhancing the Implementation and Monitoring and Verification practices of Energy Saving Policies under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive






ENSMOV (Enhancing the Implementation and Monitoring and Verification practices of Energy Saving Policies under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)) is a European Commission Horizon 2020 project, aiming to provide support to Member States and their stakeholders to implement energy efficiency policies. More specifically, in the next three years the Project will help Member States to monitor, revise, improve and implement their energy efficiency policies by developing resources on practical and strategic issues arising from the Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

Building on previous knowledge and results developed from two influential projects that have helped to shape Member States’ policies to address Article 7 requirements of the EED – IEE ENSPOL (www.enspol.eu) and H2020 MULTEE (https://multee.eu/), the ENSMOV consortium came together to provide additional support to Member States. With your involvement, and having your national policies and priorities in mind, our aim is to:

a) facilitate and expand sharing of knowledge and experience amongst Member States (MS) for the implementation of policies under Article 7 EED;

b) develop a suite of tailored resources and tools for the implementation of Article 7 EED to address the specific needs of Member States; and

c) assist national authorities’ in-house monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) schemes with a view to ensuring they have robust data and insight to inform the (re)design of policies towards 2030.

ENSMOV is primarily targeting to support public authorities and key stakeholders in 14 Member States represented by its consortium (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the UK), while also including other Member States and Accession Countries and take their views and questions into account. Sustainable Energy Development Agency is the Bulgarian partner in the project.

ENSMOV will incorporate the views of national stakeholders, energy agencies, policy makers, and market actors to address the national policy implementation issues. Gathered inputs will be the starting point for the exchange of experience and throughout the project. The feedback and the identified priorities will continuously steer ENSMOV focus and make its results useful to the Member States.

The learning exchanges will be organised in three cycles, each covering a couple of topics from Monitoring and Verification aspects and/or policy implementation in energy efficiency. In total, ENSMOV will aim to cover around 10 topics, which Member States consider most important and provide customized solutions for each Member State. The depth of the analysis and intensity together with channels of exchange will be determined based on the availability of key representatives. The programme will consist of national, regional and EU workshops. Additionally, there will be webinars organised to explore the topics, but also to disseminate the results to broader audiences.

Besides developing the learning exchange, useful materials will be created in form of specific tools and guidelines for each involved Member State, best practices and tailored policy guides will be developed. An important channel for this will be an online platform, which will not only contain useful materials, rather its purpose will be to foster additional exchanges among policy makers among Member States, so that experts continue to cooperate beyond ENSMOV duration.

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For more information about Art. 7 EED: https://article7eed.eu/

SEDA Bulgaria and the ENSMOV team are looking forward to our cooperation through ENSMOV!

Stakeholder Needs Assessments for the Implementation of Article 7 EED